Candle Care

Once you've received your candle from us at A.B Candle Co. there are a few things you should do to ensure a satisfying & safe burn happens.

When deciding where you'd like to place your candle, make sure it's a space where there are minimal drafts, and place it on a heat resistant surface.

The first burn is the most crucial burn as it determines how your candle will burn from that burn on. When lighting your candle, tilt it slightly and wait for the flame to make its way down the wick. You should light the entire wick not just on one side. For the first burn it's imperative that you let the candle burn for roughly 2-3 hours so that the wax has time to melt entirely to the edges. This will prevent the wax from tunneling and create an even wax pool.

While the candle is burning, do not move or handle it.

Please do not leave your candle unattended, or if you feel yourself dozing off blow out the candle before going into dream land. We want our candles to make your home, not to devour it!

Before each burn be sure to trim the wick to 1/8 and 1/4 inch. If you don't maintain your candles wick you may see excess smoke. 

We encourage you to maintain your candle because it ensures your safety, and creates a better burn.

Reusing your Vessel

Soy wax can easily be removed from your vessel so you are able to reuse it for another useful purpose. For example a succulent holder, pen holder, or decorative piece.

To remove the wax you should place the vessel in your sink, pour boiling hot water into the vessel, and then take a butter knife and break up the wax.